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Volume 1
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525x350 mm per page
001 [f956]

Jerome's Epistle 53
"Frater Ambrosius.."
Written to St Paulinus and delivered by Brother Ambrose
001v [f063]

Jerome's Prologue
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002 [f002]

St Jerome's Prologue
Example of script
003 [f002v]

Some script with
coloured initials
004 [f004

Jerome's Prologue
Initial D
005v [f090]

Opening Page
007 [f079]

Initial H
033 [f061]

Initial V
054v [f088]

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All images are copyright of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
This picture gallery includes all the illuminated letters surviving from the Bury Bible.
It does not include the hundreds of text only pages.
More information is available in Moyses Hall Museum
All images were digitised by Keio University at the Parker Library in 2001.

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